Tattered Canvas


Last announcement for today...

I've added two maintainers to the group. viciouswolfie who is a great friend of mine and ceedric who is another great friend of mine and who also is an AWESOME artist. He's even had shows to show off his work. But he has yet to e-mail me back, hehe.

So hopefully they can help spread the word about the group and get more people to join?

Can you see my pleading eyes? :)
Tattered Canvas

Memories and Tags

Hello everyone. So I went through and I've started to archive the posts with Memories and Tags. So far, it's pretty basic stuff. When we start getting other things than just pictures of kids being posted, I'll add more elements in both the Memories and the Tags.

But as of right now, here are the categories. I'm going to make sure that every post goes into its respective category, so don't worry about putting them there yourself. If you want to use the tags, feel free, otherwise I can come back and edit the tags for you, I don't mind.


-Group Shots
-Old Photos



Like I said, feel free to use the tags, but if you don't want to, don't worry about it. I'm going to be going through every post to make sure they have the right tags.
Lay Me Down

Photo: Devil Baby

My last one for today. This is the one I think is SO creepy upon closer inspection. So I've properly titled it Devil Baby. Because seriously, if vampires were babies, this is what they'd look like.

Either this or alieneyes' picture of that creepy baby, hehe.

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Lay Me Down

Photo: Four Kids

For some reason, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos. Not only because I think the girl on the right reminds me of someone I know, but also because upon enlarging this photo on my computer, I saw that the majority of the scratches on it are around the kid sitting in the middle.

Me being a writer and all, I instantly start thinking about why. It's probably because that's where the photo gets the most contact, lol. But I like to be creative.

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Lay Me Down

Photo: Happy Baby

Okay, so if we're going with creepy kids, maybe not so much this one. I think it looks more like that Quizno's Subs baby, lol.

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I think I may try uploading these images on photobucket to make them clearer.

**Yeah, I uploaded it to photobucket and you can see it a lot better. I'm going to do the same with Little Girl.